Invertebrate Phylogeny complements any standard textbook on Invertebrate Zoology and Biodiversity, but also serves as a stand alone instructional tool for the study of invertebrates in the classroom. Given the diversity seen amongst invertebrate organisms, the author has organized them into the widely accepted 34 phyla on a tree chart. For each phylum, the program presents: general background information; habitat; classification; basic morphology; life cycles; and biological importance. Overall, the CD ROM is simple to navigate and contains a wealth of information and extraordinary photographs that cannot be found in any other medium or product.

Engaging features, such as colour-coded text and labels, allow the students to explore the interactive program at their own pace and at various levels of detail. Each phylum is accompanied by a computer-graded, self-quiz that enables the student to study and review the material time and time again. The program is designed for high school students, undergraduate students, and students studying veterinary medicine, human health, crop protection, zoology and biodiversity. Invertebrate Phylogeny is a groundbreaking program that enhances in-class instruction and the student's educational experience.