Coral Reefs is an exciting learning tool and is designed with you, the student, in mind. The dynamic programme offers an introductory overview of coral reefs and their various components in a highly interactive environment. As you advance, the programme also provides in-depth information about coral reef organisms, reef types, and the relationships within reefs and between reefs and the rest of the ocean. The CD-ROM is simple to navigate because the information is organized based on six major aspects of reefs. Within the reef communities section (the largest CD section), information about coral reef organisms is presented based on phylogenetic trees. Fish, algae and invertebrate species are grouped according to their standard classification.

This unique programme summarizes each aspect of the reef for you, in clearly labelled categories. Navigational information at the top of the screen helps you keep track of the section and subsection(s) you are in, and buttons at the bottom of the screen allow you to browse back and forth between levels of the CD. Hundreds of colour photographs illustrate reef structures and composition, while in the reef communities section, every reef organism described is accompanied by a photo. Each section features a computer-graded, quiz and you can study the material time and time again, and at different levels of detail. The CD also features an electronic game illustrating the challenges of coral reef conservation. Coral Reefs offers you an interactive environment in which to learn about the fascinating world of the reef and is a suitable study tool for both the novice and expert student.