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  Barbados Scuba

Prof. D.D. Williams

There are about 40 courses in Field Ecology available each year to UTSC students. These courses are offered by the Ontario Universities Field Programme in Biology (OUFPB), a cooperative arrangement among universities in the province. Courses are typically of 1 or 2 week duration, are on a wide selection of topics and organisms/communities (e.g., birds, marine mammals, boreal plants, tropical fishes), and are taught at many locations around the globe (e.g., Ontario, the Arctic, Maritime Canada, the Caribbean, Costa Rica, Australia). 

Details of each year's offerings are to be found at the host university's web site. Currently this is:

So........ If you:

 Want to meet new friends ........            


Want to find yourself in interesting
situations ........


Want to experience the natural
environment, first hand ........


......... then check the details (pre-requisites, course costs, times, locations, etc.) of the courses that appeal to you.
Sign-up is on a first-come, first-served basis.