IAH Urban Groundwater Network



The IAH Urban Groundwater Network is a "grassroots" organisation that has always endeavoured to respond the needs of its members and to societal needs as a whole. It is open to everyone who has an interest in urban groundwater (scientists, engineers, politicians, lawyers, activists ..... including those who are not members of IAH). That said, it is expected that those joining the Network who work as hydrogeologists in their professional capacity will also be members of IAH.

To join our membership list please contact the Director of IAH-UGN: Helen Bonsor: helnso@bgs.ac.uk

The Director is also keen to receive your suggestions regarding future activities of the IAH-UGN, especially where sources of funding are available e.g.

  • Group Meetings
  • Sessions at Conferences
  • Stand-alone Specialist Meetings/Symposia
  • Training Workshops
  • Exchange of Knowledge
  • Dissemination of Knowledge
  • Research
  • Liaison / Interaction with other groups / organisations
  • Education
  • Expert Advice e.g. to UN / Government

International Seminar on Urban Hydrogeology held under the auspices of TUD- COST Action TU1206. February 3-6, 2016, Trondheim, Norway.

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