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Annual Reports

Each year IAH Commissions and Networks provide annual reports for the benefit members. Reports since 2008 are shown below. Those for the period 208 to 2011 relate to the actvities of the former Commission for Groundwater in Urban Area (IAH-CGUA). Those since 2012 report on the activities of the IAH Urban Groundwater Network (IAH-UGN).


Commission for Groundwater in Urban Area (IAH-CGUA)

Annual Report for 2008

Annual Report for 2009

Annual Report for 2010

Annual Report for 2011


IAH Urban Groundwater Network (IAH-UGN)

Annual Report for 2012

Annual Report for 2013

Annual Report for 2014

Annual Report for 2015


2015 Highlights:

In May, 2015, a workshop on “Current trends and approaches in urban hydrogeology” was held in Bucharest, Romania under the auspices of TUD- COST Action TU1206 - SUB-URBAN - A European network to improve understanding and use of the ground beneath our cities. This was an iportant networking activity that led to discussions regarding the future directions of the IAH-UGN.


Project leaders: Diarmad Campbell (BGS)
Radu Gogu (UTCB) and Hans de Beer (NGU)
The IAH-UGN was also invited to participate in an advisory group of experts charged with steering UNESCO’s IHP-Theme 4 “Water and Human Settlements of the Future” (2014-2021).  http://www.unesco.org/new/en/natural-sciences/environment/water/ihp-viii-water-security/4-water-for-human-settlements/. Two meetings of this group were held in Paris during 2015 (July 8-10 and November 28-30).

 Another major IAH-UGN activity during 2015 was the development and delivery of a 2-hour session on “Urban Groundwater – Ignore at Your Peril” at the UNESCO-ARCEAU COP-21 Conference on “Megacities, Water & Climate” (December 1 to 4).  Most of the preparatory work was carried out by Stephen Foster with the strong support of Ricardo Hirata (IAH- Brazil) and Bruno Nguyen (UNESCO-IHP). The conference was attended by 550-600 participants, with urban planners and socio-economists predominating over water-service utility reps and water-resource scientists.
Further details are available at:

Stephen Foster must also take great credit for the IAH-UGN contribution to IAH’s Strategic Overview Series, with a 6-page document on “Resilient Cities & Groundwater”.  This was published online in December 2015:

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