UGD Submission Information

The database is a collection of electronic documents in a standard format and layout. There are various options available to you for submission (see below). We simply ask that you follow a few rules:

Ensure all submissions include adequate information (up to 500 words) on each of the following elements:
Name of Town or City
Name of State or Province
Name of Country
Latitude and Longitude of City
Description of City or Town
Description of Climate
Description of Basic Geology and Hydrogeology including aquifer properties
Description of Water Use (e.g. amounts used and ratio of ground to surface water)
Description of Groundwater Issues ("Issues" do not have to be "problems" - see below - but would describe the importance of groundwater in the city e.g. "a critical source of supply for industry since 1890, but now rarely used with industrial decline" , or "sustains wetlands which are a major tourist attraction for the city".
Description of Groundwater Problems (e.g. water quality, over-pumping, rising water levels leading to flooding)
Description of Solutions (e.g. remediation, recharge management etc.)
Any other Information of Relevance
References (
Website Links (
no commercial sites please!)
Your (and other Author) Contact Information -
Please include your full address and contact details!

2) We welcome graphics, but please ensure that pictures/graphs/figures are no greater than 150Kb in size, no larger than 640 pixels wide by 480 pixels high and have the following extensions: .jpg, .jpeg .gif, .png or .xls. Total size of images should not exceed 1.5 Mb. Also, a full reference should be provided.


Submission to the Database

Strongly Preferred

Option 1)
We strongly prefer that you submit your information via e-mail to gwater@utsc.utoronto.ca as WORD (.doc) files, WORDPERFECT (.wpd) files or as "web" (.htm or.html) files. ALL files must be less than 2 Mb in size. For advice on other word processor formats, please ask (e-mail to gwater@utsc.utoronto.ca).

Option 2) Submit your information via e-mail to gwater@utsc.utoronto.ca as an Acrobat (.pdf) file. ALL files must be less than 2 Mb in size.

Less Preferred, but Acceptable

Option 3) Submit an entry using the WWW form.
Option 4) Submit an entry by Fax 416 287 7279 (Canada Country Code 001). Please be sure to mark your fax "Urban Groundwater Database - Attention: Ken Howard".
Option 5)
Request a paper submission form via regular mail.
Send a letter, with full return address details, to: Ken Howard, University of Toronto Scarborough, 1265 Military Trail, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M1C 1A4.
A form will be mailed to you.


Editing the Existing Database


I've just submitted a new entry and I realise I have made a mistake!

If you submitted an entry as a word processor file, simply resubmit your file. If you used UGD submission form, just use your Browser's "BACK" button to reach the submission form again, change your mistake and hit "Submit". A revised form will be sent.


I've just read a UGD entry and I can add/change some information!

If your additions/amendments are short, just email them to gwater@utsc.utoronto.ca with some text identifying the city entry, and yourself of course! If your additions/amendments are very long, then send a new file or submit a new page for that city via the UGD submission form!