The Project on Annotated Bibliography of

Contemporary Research in Tense, Grammatical Aspect,

Aktionsart, and Related Areas

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Updated August 21, 2006


The databases have now been updated.

All of the bibliographic Web pages on this site have been newly re-compiled.

There remain some errors and gaps in the database information.

There also remain problems with diacritics appearing on the bibliographic pages.


These various  problems and errors will be corrected as soon as possible.

Further topical pages on this site will be added later.

The pages on this site have been checked on a Mac, but not a PC, and only with Safari and Firefox. 

Please inform me of any difficulties with other browsers or operating systems.




Bibliographic entries

updated August 21, 2006.

Downloadable articles and abstracts on the Internet and links to Web pages

updated June 18, 2005.

Links to Web pages of individual scholars

updated June 18, 2005; some have been more recently updated.

Other Links to Web pages

updated June 19, 2005.

The 2001 report

The whole report in pdf (Acrobat) format (4 megs.)

The report in pdf (Acrobat) format:

Part 1 of the report (ca. 1 meg.)

Part 2 of the report (ca. 1 meg.)

Part 3 of the report (ca. 1 meg.)

Part 4 of the report (ca. 1 meg.)

The indices

The report in html format (contains some formatting errors):

the first 6600 titles

the indices

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