Ron Smyth

Associate Professor, Department of
Humanities (Linguistics) and Department of Life Sciences (Psychology)
Adjunct Professor, Speech-Language Pathology

Office: H521 Phone: (416) 416 287 7172
Lab: Psycholinguistics Lab, 6080 Robarts Phone: (416) (416) 978-1768
St. George Office: 6072 RobartsPhone: (416) 416 978 8211
E-mail :



I teach undergraduate courses in Psycholinguistics (PLIC55 /JLP374) , Language Acquisition (PLIC24 /JLP315) , Speech and Language Disorders (PLID55 ), and Quantitative Methods in Linguistics (LIN305). I also offer independent study courses and can supervise the Psychology Honours thesis where appropriate.


My main graduate course is LIN1270: Language Processing and Linguistic Theory. Each year a few advanced undergraduate students areable to take this course for undergraduate credit, along with graduate students. Please contact me for details. I also serve as a supervisory committee member for graduate students in other departments, most frequently in Psychology and Speech-Language Pathology.

Research interests:


My experimental research in psycholinguistics examines the interface between linguistic knowledge on the one hand, and language comprehension, production, and acquisition on the other. I am particularly interested in various kinds of anaphora resolution in comprehension, including pronouns, PRO, traces, VP anaphors, and definite NP resolution. I also do research on subject-verb agreement errors inlanguage production. In each of these areas I also address individual differences, especially those involving working memory capacity, and in some cases, the role of lexical inhibition in the comprehension and production systems.


My research in sociophonetics involves microphonetic variation inconsonant and vowel articulation, comparing average male/female differences to variation related to sexual orientation and gender identity. For further information, visit our website:

Graduate Supervision and Funding:

I supervise graduate thesis research at the MA and PhD levels. Qualified students are encouraged to apply to the Department ofLinguistics on the St. George campus. For application information please visit The deadline is January 15.

The University of Toronto provides a full funding guarantee tograduate students in these programmes. Students without external scholarships are guaranteed a combination of TA work and fellowships tocover the full cost of tution and fees (for both local and visa students),plus approximately $12,000 per year. Students with external scholarships, research assistantships or full-responsibility course lectureships can earn significantly more.

Postal Address

Ron Smyth
Division of Humanities
University of Toronto at Scarborough
1265 Military Trail
Scarborough, Ont.
M1C 1A4

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